Turn this   to this!

frumpy oversized shirt
sewing needle and thread (minimum sewing)

Note that this would bunch up your shirt so make sure that u have enough length after braiding!
As you can see in the photo, braiding the whole length of the shirt shortened the shirt by a butt's length :p

No really 

You don't want to start off with a normal shirt and end up with something belly dancers wear.

1) Mark out where you want ur braid to go.
I matched it with a jacket that I already have, so that the braid would not go too far off to the side when worn on me.

2) mark and cut at 1 inch intervals

3) Let the braiding begin!

reaching under loop 1, grab loop 2, and pull under, and over loop 1.

 Then, holding on to loop 2 pull loop 3 under and over loop 2.
Once loop3 is over loop 2, you can let go of loop 2.

 Here it is again.

pull 2 under 1,
hold 2,
grab 3, and pull under 2
Do the same to the next loop and repeat until you reach ur desired length of braid!
Still confused? Check out a video tutorial sercetlifeofabionerd posted here.

The main thing different is that I didn't cut up the extra slits on either side of the center line, so what i'm wearing underneath will not show as much.

braid before stretching

braid after stretching.

 And.. you can do the same for the sleeves!
( it does give a ripple effect on the sleeves due to the bunching)

For sleeves I cut the slits half inch apart like so.

Repeat braiding process
to keep the beginning and ends less obvious, start at the line where the sleeve is sew together.

When you reach all the way around, pinch in the sides of the first loop, turn over, and sew together with a matching thread.


Hope this has helped!

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